The startup accelerator of Grand Est region, Scal’E-Nov, provided LevelS3D and the 23 other startups of the first promotion to a learning expedition in the premises of Microsoft in Paris. The goal was to identify collaboration opportunities with Microsoft through two of their startup support offers, Microsoft for Startups and AI Factory.

Microsoft for Startups was designed for companies that have already raised funds, between seed and A series, that are less than 5 years old, and have a mature enough B2B product to be marketed to key accounts, hence with delivery stakes to which the startup may not be used. Since some startups had their first big sale only three months after joining the program, this condition is critical. Indeed, Microsoft for Startups offers support in several ways:

  • Technologically, obviously, especially via their Azure cloud computing platform,
  • On marketing issues, by invitation to events that startups would not have access to without Microsoft,
  • But also commercially, by adding the products of the startup to Microsoft in house offers, and incentivizing their own salespeople as if it were Microsoft products.

The community formed by the startups of the device also generates particularly successful meetings and sharing experiences.

AI Factory is an offer currently being structured to accelerate the development of Artificial Intelligence in France, by creating an ecosystem around this objective. At LevelS3D, we are particularly interested in this approach, because the semantization of point clouds by machine learning approaches is at the heart of our strategy. Concretely, this consists in including algorithms dedicated to the segmentation of point clouds in 3D object classes (walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, but also furniture: tables, chairs, etc.) in our point cloud processing and management applications. The first version of this algorithm named AutoModel is currently able to dissociate the different planes that constitute the cloud of points. It is available in our S3D Cloud application. Test S3D Cloud for free

In particular, AI Factory offers co-innovation solutions and technical support, in particular via existing applications on Azure. In the specific field of 3D, we can notably mention the applications of mixed reality, such as remote rendering (rendering and 3D streaming), or spatial anchors (that can locate points of interest in augmented reality). On the artificial intelligence side, we had several demonstrations of image recognition thanks to machine learning solutions, but also real-time emotion recognition thanks to cognitive services applications.

Following various presentations and demonstrations, we come back impressed by the technological maturity of the general applicative components proposed on Azure, including topics such as neural networks. The proposed solutions are indeed immediately usable on the Azure cloud, and are installed in exactly the same way whatever the underlying infrastructure (server on premises, cloud, dedicated server, …) As a result, for uses that are not core business, these applications can help startups improve their functional scope without the need for a heavy R & D investment.